Beach Schools

As the concepts of outdoor learning are becoming more widely accepted and applied to a UK audience, there is an increasing need for quality and safety to sit hand in hand. Archimedes as a leading qualifications development centre and training organisation, has had increased requests for ideas and a framework through which children, practitioners and this specific environment can be safeguarded.

Beaches have always attracted a large number of individuals from a range of social and economic backgrounds to utlilise for a as many needs and requirements as those using them. Uses range from pleasure and leisure, to recreation, sport, education and other creative employment sectors. 

Increasingly, as the educational markets are becoming more creative in utilising the outdoors as a classroom and we as a nation are becoming more aware of the hidden potential of the outdoors and progressively more comfortable with their destination for their children whilst in formative education or pre-school settings, demand is higher than it has been for 60 years in the UK. For those who have easy access to the 11,000 miles of shores that surround the British Isles, it is not surprising that these are becoming an inspirational learning environment and parents and carers as well as educators are seeing and experiencing very positive impacts on their children.

Once the course is completed, the learner will be able to:

  • Understand the Sustainable Management of marine beach ecosystems as a learning resource through the
  • Development of understanding of the ecological structure
  • Management methods of local marine ecosystems
  • Be able to demonstrate how to use and teach a range of practical skills appropriate to Beach Schools to include:
  • Temporary shelters using appropriate knots and resources.
  • Fire lighting and beach cooking fire
  • Pedagogical approaches to designing and delivering Beach School sessions
  • Use effective reflective processes
  • Development of Emotional Intelligence and Social Skills

Understand the unique Health and Safety requirements for running Beach Schools. Areas investigated:

  • Tidal forecasts
  • Seasons and tides
  • Fires and Landowners
  • Benefits Analysis and supporting the safety of your group
  • Basic good working practice procedures

This qualification can be utilised independently to assure practitioners and those employing them that children’s safety is paramount and the use of the marine shores and beaches can be sustained for future generations as well as productive in educating our with their unique qualities and habitats.

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