Sarah Blackwell

Sarah Blackwell

Sarah Blackwell is the Founder and CEO of Forest Schools Education, Forest Schools Kindergarten and Archimedes Earth as well as a well-known public speaker in the field of alternative education and outdoor learning. She has been pioneering Forest School training in the UK for the past 17 years, preparing a new generation of teachers and educational practitioners to revolutionise educational practice and social understanding of our natural environment, showing how nature and human nature are intimately connected.

Again and again, studies are suggesting that being in nature exercises a powerful effect on the way that brains and bodies develop, and that playing outside creates the conditions for the free, creative and autonomous play that fosters naturally healthy, motivated and confident children.

Sarah’s immense passion and dedication to the expansion of personal development, outdoor play & education is supported by her wide experience in the design of environmental and professional development programmes.  Throughout her work, she aims to provide the highest quality in terms of training materials and in her the dedication and commitment to her learners.



As part of her Get Children Outdoors campaign, Sarah is taking her message to schools, youth groups, and educational initiatives.

If you’d like to book Sarah to speak at your event, then please use the provided contact details:

Sarah Blackwell
CEO Archimedes Earth


Tel. +44 (0)114  2834060