Things to do outside

The Elements of Play

Look at all the things you can do outside! Please let us know if you’ve tried any of these games by leaving a comment, and feel free to make suggestions for additional activities.  If there are any we like, we’ll add them to the Elements.



The Barefoot Texture Trail

Mud Pies

Leaf Kebabs

Make A Safari Book

Stick Person



Make A Volcano!

Writing Poems

Day Beasts

Jumping Jacks

 ‘Spud’ Ball

Night Hunters


Make A Magic Potion

Nature Art

Make A Craft Collection

Go For A Nightwalk


Cloud Stories

Draw A Nature Map

Build an Imaginary Land

Play The Shadowing Game



Looking for more things to do outside? Check out our book, ‘Outdoors and Up For It’, and the one day activity course!