Get Children Outdoors

Make A Safari Book

April 20, 2012

You Will Need:

  • A camera
  • A printer
  • Blank paper or notebook

What You Do:

  • Make sure everyone knows how to use their camera
  • Tell everyone to find pictures of at least six interesting creatures and six interesting plants
  • Send people off in pairs with a camera.  Set a time everyone has to back for.
  • Look through the pictures on the camera.  If its a digital camera, take it home and print them out, or if it’s a film or disposable, take them to a shop to get them developed.
  • Once you have the pictures, get everyone to stick them in their notebook and make a safari gallery.  Write a description of the things they’ve photographed.  What colour are they?  What would it be like to touch them? Do they remember what they smelled like?
  • Decorate the pages as well.  Do drawings of the animals and plants you’ve photographed.
  • Collect safari adventures in different places on day trips and holidays!  At the end of the year look back and decide which is your favourite.

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