Get Children Outdoors

Magic Potions

April 20, 2012

You Need:

  • Goblets or cups
  • Special bottle with water (hot water works best) with glitter in
  • Sticks Natural resources

What You Do:

  • Set the scene by telling a story. Give out goblets or plastic cups, one per person or to share.
  • Send individuals off to collect a magic stick as long as the distance from fingertip to wrist and as thick as a thumb.
  • Collect items (10, 20, 30 etc) as small as a fingernail
  • Put them in the goblets. C
  • ome back and you pour in a small amount of magic potion from your super amazing bottle.
  • Stir contents and mash it all up to release the smells
  • Decide on a name for the potion.
  • Stand in a circle and pass the potions around having a smell of each one. Comment on the smells. Determine when yours comes back to you – how do you know? Toast the woodland – Cheers! – and pour the potion back to the soil.

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