Get Children Outdoors

Draw A Hopscotch Grid

May 11, 2012

What You Need

  • A concrete pavement, patio or driveway, or a an area of dirt or beach sand
  • A chalk stub or a stick to mark out the grid
  • A marker like a small stone or pebble

What You Do

  • Draw a hopscotch grid like the one above on the ground
  • The first person throws the marker into the first square.
  • They hop through the grid, landing on one foot in single squares and with both feet in double squares, then turn around and come back.
  • Pick up the marker on the way back.  Stepping on a line or out of the grid ends your turn.
  • If you get through, throw the marker into the second square. Keep this up until you are out, or you mark every sqaure!
  • To make it harder, make a rule that any square with a marker in has to be skipped.

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