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Barefoot Texture Trail

April 20, 2012

You Need

  • Straw, hay, smooth sticks, pebbles, pea gravel, leaves, water, sand, soil and any other resource that can be walked on barefoot safely
  • Large trays or shallow containers or a tarp
  • Collect together a variety of large trays (if desired)

What You Do

  • Decide with the group how long the Texture Trail will be and in which direction it will follow.
  • Use a collection of a variety of different resources.
  • Put all of one resource together to make a distinct section.
  • Create a number of sections and place one after the other.
  • Bare soil or leaves can be left between all or some of the sections.
  • When ready, all line up at one end and create pairs.
  • One of the pairs will take off their shoes and socks.
  • They can close their eyes or put on a blindfold.
  • Then one partner will guide them through the Barefoot Texture Trail giving instructions all the time.
  • They can hold hands or be guided just by the voice.
  • Describe the textures and feeling underfoot, can they guess what the textures are?
  • Swap around.
  • You can leave this out and vary the texture each time, or vary the order.

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