Get Children Outdoors

A Better Future

April 4, 2012

Education in the outdoors teaches today’s parents and kids how to have a healthy relationship with their body, their mind and the environment, and ensures that they will be able to do the same for their own children.

  • Understanding and being in nature will teach us the skills to nurture and care for it in the future.
  • Deep learning and emotional experiences in the outdoors create meaning and foster a love for the environment: they have been shown to be more important than formal education and training for promoting the value of conservation and sustainability.
  • Spread the word: show how outdoor life has improved life for your family, and be part of a movement to change the way society sees childhood!

Note:  Information presented here is based on research findings, reports and literature views from leading UK and US charities and education organizations.  You can access these reports at Play England and the Children & Nature Network.

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